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Phoenix, AZ – there’s no other large city developing quickly across the United States than this place. A franchise consultant can attest to that. Most franchising companies and even families from expensive states chose to move here because of the affordable cost of living.

On top of that, this amazing city in Arizona is the 4th Most Desirable City For Millennials. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the city managed to produce skillful individuals. What makes Phoenix a franchising business attraction?

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Top Reasons To Invest

Low-cost Business Startup

One major reason why more business owners come to Phoenix is because of the low business startup costs. With a strong local economy and growing population, more and more entrepreneurs are attracted to put up a business opportunity in this city. Investing much can be risky but if you choose to live here, your minimal capital can grow in time.


Arizona as a whole is one of the country’s most tax-friendly states. Veterans and retirees who wanted to start a business in Phoenix are attracted by the fact that Arizona state does not tax their Social Security benefits. Phoenix alone has an average of 2.59% to 4.50% income tax. Arizona, in general, is stated to be 3.5% cheaper than Florida.

Business climate

According to Inc magazine, Phoenix is 9th in the US for being the leading city to establish a business in 2020. The city does not collect corporate franchise tax with minimal regulations. Phoenix is a pro-business place both for starters and entrepreneurs who want to diversify. Business owners earn high profitable returns because of the low-cost lifestyle in the city.

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