Atlanta, Georgia offers many benefits for starting a franchise business.  It contains a highly educated workforce. The city’s transit system is very efficient and its airport is one of the largest in the world.


Business Start Up Costs


Though Atlanta is a big city, it has relatively low living expenses. According to Kiplinger, the average living expenses in Atlanta are 1.7% lower than the national average. Additionally business expenses are also 3.8% lower when compared to other cities. It is advisable for a person interested in starting a business to consult a franchise consultant based in Atlanta for assistance in identifying the most suitable business


Franchise facilities


Atlanta is the home city of many franchisors. The Atlanta Franchise Alliance (ATFLA) was formed to assist local franchisees who require business support. ATLFA provides educational resources, networking opportunities and arranges for regular meetings. In addition to providing co-working space for entrepreneurs, Hub Atlanta gives them the opportunity to connect with potential investors and entrepreneurs. Local colleges like Georgia state and Georgia Tech have business incubators to help those who wish to start a new business. The colleges also have mentoring programs and offer networking opportunities.




The Atlanta, Georgia metro area has 57 universities and colleges. Franchise businesses can easily hire young, skilled graduates from these colleges.


How a franchise consultant will help


It is important to find an experienced Atlanta franchise consultant to help you navigate the various available options in order to find a business that is right for you. Consultants will offer you the information you need to accelerate your path to successful franchise business ownership. 


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