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Starting a Franchise in Indianapolis

In addition to hosting the world famous Indy 500 race, Indianapolis has plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, is growing fast.  People are moving to Indianapolis because they are attracted to its low unemployment, dynamic sports scene and its restaurant scene, which is one of the best in the country. 


Indianapolis is a transportation hub. It sits in the center of five of the largest highways and five rail lines. The FedEx hub in the city is the second largest in the world. This makes it an ideal place for doing business

Franchising costs

Indianapolis is an attractive place to start a business because office space is relatively inexpensive and living expenses are also low. Additionally, Indiana’s taxes are the lowest in the Midwest.

Franchise assistance

Indymade and Verge are two  valuable local resources for local start-ups. They provide information to start-ups, sponsor networking events and provide access to start up capital. A franchise consultant in Indianapolis will help you to find the best franchise business to start.


Indianapolis has a diversified local economy. The workforce is highly educated with relatively low salaries.   Businesses can recruit from the many prestigious universities nearby. 

Working with a franchise consultant in Indianapolis

Do You Need an Indianapolis Franchise Consultant?

It is important to find an experienced Chicago franchise consultant to help you navigate the various available options in order to find a business that is right for you. Consultants will offer you the information you need to accelerate your path to a successful franchise business.

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