The mile-high city is a great place to start a franchise business. According to Kiplinger, businesses with fewer than 50 employees make up 95% of the area’s economy.


Denver, Colorado ranked third among 102 U.S. markets in a recent small-business vitality ranking, according to the Denver Business Journal. The city boasts one of the highest concentrations of small businesses, creating a highly interactive and supportive environment for entrepreneurs.

Small Business Franchising Costs

Although the cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, business costs are surprisingly low. According to KPMG, business costs are 1.6% below the national average across industries. A franchise consultant in Denver, Colorado, can help you capitalize on those advantages.

Franchise Friendliness

Denver, Colorado’s economic development office encourages small-business growth with its JumpStart Biz Plan Awards. All applicants receive valuable business advice, and winners are rewarded with cash and business services.


The Denver Small Business Development Center offers free consulting services, affordable training seminars and numerous specialized programs to help small businesses succeed.


The Denver area provides a well educated workforce.

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