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While San Francisco is certainly not the most affordable city in the U.S., it might be the most exciting. A hub of creativity and innovation, the city attracts entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike.


Despite its relatively small size, San Francisco delivers big results when it comes to innovation and intellectual capital. Over the years the city has remained the financial hub of the innovative Silicon Valley economy.

Small Business Franchising Costs

Costs of living and business occupancy remain relatively inexpensive in San Francisco by west coast standards, although significantly higher than the national average. Inverstors, however, are plentiful in the city by the bay. That makes franchising in San Francisco, California, worth consideration.

Franchise Friendliness

The bay area was named by the Startup Genome project as the world’s best entrepreneurial environment. The city offers plenty of incentives, training and programs for entrepreneurs.


Skilled workers are plentiful in San Francisco. The city experienced a 30% annual growth in technology jobs in 2011, according to Mayor Ed Lee.

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