Chicago offers big city amenities with small-town friendliness. With 9.5 million people and over 260,000 businesses across the metropolitan area, the city is a business powerhouse that hosts the corporate headquarters of more than 400 major companies.


A transportation hub, Chicago serves as a global gateway to international and domestic business centers. Chicagoans enjoy a high quality of life with a culturally diverse population, miles of public beaches along the Lake Michigan shoreline, world-class museums, several professional sports teams, top-rated restaurants and Broadway-quality theater.

Small Business Franchising Costs

Owning a business in Chicago can be expensive. The cost of living and unemployment rates in Chicago are slightly higher than the national average. Nonetheless, it can also be a rewarding place to own a business. A franchise consultant in Chicago, Illinois, can help you identify the business that suits you.

Franchise Friendliness

The city of Chicago recently opened the Small Business Center, right in city hall. The center staff will guide new business owners through the sometimes baffling process of obtaining licenses, navigating zoning laws and setting up inspections. The center hopes to shave months off the start-up process by putting departments under one roof and streamlining the process.


A skilled workforce builds successful businesses. Chicago, Illinois provides an available, educated workforce.

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