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Although Chicago, Illinois is the third largest metropolitan area in the United States, its friendly culture makes it feel like a small town. The population of the metropolitan area is 9.5 million inhabitants and over 260,000 businesses call the Chicago metropolitan area home. The city is a major business center with 37 of the Fortune 500 companies calling Chicago home.  Chicago is a transportation hub and a gateway to the major business centers in the country and worldwide. The population of Chicago is culturally diverse and enjoys a high standard of living. The city has public beaches on Lake Michigan, high quality theaters, museums, restaurants and professional sports teams.

Costs for Small business franchising

Compared to the largest cities in the United States, the cost to start a business in Chicago is lower.   A competent Chicago franchise consultant can help you find the perfect business.

Franchise assistance

To help small businesses, Chicago opened a center for small businesses, conveniently located in City Hall. The center’s staff assists new business owners to navigate city licenses, comply with zoning laws and  how to deal with inspectors. The center hopes to reduce the time required to start a business, by placing all different departments in one location and simplifying the process.


Chicago has a well-educated, reasonably affordable workforce.

Finding a suitable consultant

A competent and experienced franchise consultant with a large network, can help the person interested in starting a business analyze the various options available and choose the most suitable business. The consultant will help the business owner get information he needs so that he can start the business quickly.

Do You Need A Chicago Franchise Consultant?

It is important to find an experienced Chicago franchise consultant to help you navigate the various available options in order to find a business that is right for you. Consultants will offer you the information you need to accelerate your path to a successful franchise business.

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