Detroit, MI is the second-largest source of engineering and architectural job opportunities in the United States. The city is also known as the motor capital of the world. Its primary industry is automobile manufacturing along with transportation, utilities, and trade.

Due to the city’s continued economic growth, more companies like Google, Accenture, and Ford Motor Co. are moving to Detroit. Best for business opportunities, “Tech City” is also a good place for franchising. A franchise consultant can assist potential franchisees.

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Top Reasons To Invest


Detroit prides budget-friendly housing that brings the cost of living below the country’s average. It contains great infrastructure for new businesses, too. Famous for being the center of the US automotive industry for over a century, Detroit has transformed into a transportation hub. That’s good news for a franchise business to get raw materials, supplies, and finished goods in and out of the city constantly.

Low franchising cost

Detroit’s business tax structure and grant programs are aimed at rebuilding the city and making the region a lucrative, affordable area to start a venture. Small business investments showed a sharp rise including franchising companies. Ambitious business owners are tapping affordable housing and low prices by starting their ventures in Detroit. The industrial plan set by the city attracts more potential franchisees to explore Detroit.


The inborn qualities of local business owners strongly support the franchise-friendly nature of Detroit. Local entrepreneurs are cooperative and lend a helping hand to each other to thrive and grow. The collaborative effect exudes in most small business organizations in the city. Since Detroit is the best place for franchise opportunities, many starters choose to move and live in the city to establish a business.

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