Wichita, KS was once known as a place where aircraft were built. Today, there’s a wide variety of industries in the area. Wichita has evolved, becoming bigger than the sum of its more than 15,000 businesses including franchise opportunities.

It was named one of the Top 10 Best Places to Live by Money Magazine, a decision based on safety, easy commutes, and affordability. You can establish a safe franchise business here and a franchise consultant is your best confidant.

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Top Reasons To Invest

Low-Cost Business Startup

With a small amount of capital, you can start a business in Wichita, or even find a perfect franchise for you. Aside from that, the cost of living here is nearly 10 percent below average. Good to consider as you open up a business opportunity in this city. One advantage of Wichita in terms of owning a business is that all purchased equipment for business purposes is 100% property tax-free.

Franchise Assistance

The Small Business Administration managed by the Wichita District Office promotes good relations towards entrepreneurship. It even provides assistance to veteran-owned businesses. The city has a wide variety of big-time tier investors such as Emprise Bank, Cargill, Evergy, Hightouch Technologies, and Meritrust Credit Union. Business-friendly policies and economic growth are two of the reasons why franchising is best in Wichita. Its franchising assistance is mainly through the lowest operating costs.

Workforce Availability

The workforce in Wichita mainly consists of students from around 17 colleges and technical universities. For example, the Wichita State University alone hosts annual technical training for over 1, 500 students. The majority of the employees here are naturally hard-working and with world-class skills. Wichita is classified as the nation's leading workforce in the skilled manufacturing industry. Not surprising why a lot of investors are putting up franchise business here.

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