Success carries many definitions. To some, it might be getting that degree or designer handbag.  There are many different measures of success. However, we must realize that success is not always easy to explain and that to different people, success has different meanings. Just because you didn’t appear in the Forbes Richest Person list or received a Nobel prize, it does not mean you are unsuccessful. On your journey towards success, there are five things to keep in mind. They are as follows:

1. You Are in Control

2. Experience Matters

3. Little Successes Count

4. Be Uncomfortable

5. Money and Success

You Are in Control

You may feel like life has been unfair to you. Remember, you get to choose how to react to bad situations and you get to choose what to do and how to react when faced with challenges. Realizing this can make you successful, because people who are successful realise that while they may not be able to control everything, they are still in control in their limited sphere of influence. So, next time you get faced with something, think of all those problems as solutions rather than stumbling blocks.

Experience Matters

Many of the situations you will encounter should be viewed as either blessings or lessons. Which in turn, means that rather than good or bad, always seek to get something out of every issue or circumstance. Think of them as opportunities to learn. Whether it is a good or bad experience, you can always learn and grow from it to become a better person.

Little Successes Count

Most people hold off celebrating success until they finally get to their goal, the problem with this is that nothing in life is guaranteed. None of know what could happen tomorrow and so, while you can, you have to learn to take pride in the little victories you have. These victory celebrations do not have to be particularly big. It could just be a night out with some friends or treating yourself to that outfit or perfume you wanted. Be willing to reward yourself along the journey so that you do not lose your motivation for the goal.

Be Uncomfortable

The reason why most people do not always become successful is they are not open to change. Change is uncomfortable. The way you react to change can you more successful. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Many of the world’s top CEOs claim that making and surviving difficult decisions helped them to get to where they are right now. During these times of hardship or discomfort, try focusing on the good in your life and how bright your future looks. Embracing the fact that change can be good will help shape your mindset to become more resilient, even during change.

Money and Success

Most people view money as the biggest indicator of an individual’s success, However, seeing money this way is discouraging. Someone always has more than we do and we never have enough of it. So, view wealth as a result of success, not a definition of success.

Hopefully this has helped you challenge your view of success!


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