8 Ways To Maximize Your Franchise Discovery Day

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During your first meet-up with the franchisor, which is known as the franchise discovery day, you can make the most out of it. And there are eight ways to help you make it happen.

This meeting is important between you and the franchisor. You will have the opportunity to showcase your capability to become a franchise operator.

To maximize your franchise discovery day, have your perfect franchise proposal ready.

Not only that, consider these eight tips on how to represent yourself to impress the franchisor.

8 Ways To Maximize Your Franchise Discovery Day

Your readiness is important when attending a franchise discovery day. It is also beneficial if you know what to expect from your franchisor during the meetup. Understand that franchisors have criteria in selecting people they accommodate so you should know how to meet their standards for you to be fully equipped during the Discovery Day process.

In addition to that, a franchisee represents the whole franchise brand. To make this broad, the franchisor will:

Of course, the franchise discovery day is not a one-sided process. This is also an advantage for the franchisor to convince you that they are worth your trust to invest in their company and one of their franchisees.

On the other way around, how will you show your franchisor a higher level of expectation about you – a franchisee candidate? Check out the tips below.

1. Dress appropriately

Wear professional attire as your physical appearance will draw an impression on how you value work ethics.

2. Be amiable

Being serious in the business is necessary but it is also important to contain your mood. For example, you can be a good listener and talk about others’ interests. Being amiable is that you are sincere in your actions and ready to build camaraderie.

3. Showcase your knowledge in franchising

Experience in the franchising business is not necessarily required but knowing the franchise industry, in general, will show that you are knowledgeable of how it works.

4. Show you’re focused

Giving your attention to the discussions and even raising questions out of your confusion is an indirect way of telling the franchisor that you are so much interested in their business.

5. Be willing to follow the rules

Franchisors are NOT looking for someone who will reinvent the business. Show your willingness to follow the policies and be submissive to their terms and conditions.

6. Exhibit your work experiences

Show off your past business or work experiences that will transpire into how you will be able to manage a franchise business. Stretch the details on how you handle minor to major work-related issues, engage with your workmates, and how to provide excellent customer service.

7. Prove your financial stability

Franchising means you have to give out an investment. Show your franchisor that you are financially stable in acquiring a franchise business. But, before doing that, you can also check your level of stability to ensure how ready you are financially speaking.

8. Socialize

It seems unimportant but it has an impact on how you treat others around you during the franchise discovery day. Learn to socialize while maintaining your professional manner.

These tips will surely impress your franchisor. However,  these 8 ways will also give you realizations if you can manage to be someone like that not only during the franchise discovery day but for the rest of your franchising career. These are not mandatory though but if you think that these ideas will help you be a better individual, why not practice being such.

Important Keypoints

As you evaluate a franchisor and their franchise company, the franchisor will closely evaluate you as well for your:

Meeting the expectation of both parties – the franchisor and the franchisee – makes great compatibility and eventually good partnership in the franchise business along the way. Prepare yourself before your franchise discovery day to end up satisfied and feeling fulfilled.

Who knows, at the end of the day you will sign the franchise agreement and will be declared as a certified franchisee.

You might ask: I’ll be a certified franchisee after signing a franchise agreement? What’s next to that? Read the “What Happens After You Sign A Franchise Agreement?” blog to know more details about what happens after you sign a franchise agreement.


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