The Fear Factor of Buying a Franchise

The Fear Factor of Buying a Franchise | Franchise Coach

To invest or not to invest – whatever decision you make is always associated with fear and doubt. In fact, the fear factor of buying a franchise cause potential franchisees to hesitate its worth. What can help you overcome such negativity?

Initially, the fear feeling is normal and cannot be avoided. It only means you are competent and want to ensure the security of the business. Imagine, you will spend your well-earned money to an unsure outcome. From there, you start to doubt.

What are the main reasons why some potential franchisees fear the franchise business option? How to effectively manage the fear factor of buying a franchise? Why overcoming fear beneficial?

Know the answers to these questions as you read this blog. The goal of this content is to help you realize that the weight of your fear is just light compared to the opportunities waiting for you in franchising. Keep scrolling.

Why do you fear of starting your own business?

One main reason why there is fear in starting a franchise business is that no one can tell what the future brings. Mostly, no one can bring back the past. You may think that unexpected changes can affect your business growth.

Though there’s a possibility there’s no guarantee that your franchise business will grow successfully.

All of the what-ifs playing in your mind – are the second reason why you fear to step into the franchising business.

You may have lots of questions in mind. Those may stop you from achieving every American dream: to experience financial freedom and live a quality life. Do not let such hesitations distract you from purchasing a franchise business that will give you access to make your desires come true.

6 Fear Factors in Franchising and How to Manage

1. Fear to make adjustments

Normally, it is much easier to do the things that you are already used to. Perhaps you are working for years in a corporate job. You are obliged to adhere to your boss. And you’re used to being lead.

In this business, you will be the boss and the team leader. The time you will spend here is not the same as when you’re an employee. You think about how can you transition to such changes.

To manage these fear:

2. Fear of regretting

The first 12 months of business operation is the most critical stage in franchising. If you see that the business is not profitable, you might regret the decision of buying a franchise. You might also miss your previous job.

To manage these fear:

3. Fear not to reach business expectations

As you know, a franchisee is required to follow company policies as indicated in a franchise agreement. You may think what if you make an error, but it’s not your intention to do so. What now if your sales revenue is so far from expected?

To manage these fear:

4. Feeling doubt of being financially ready

Part of the investigation process is to know the total cost to buy and open a franchise business. You might think that your prepared capital cannot sustain the needs for the operation.

To manage these fear:

5. Fear not to satisfy customers

Maintaining brand quality is the most important detail of a franchise business. And it is the responsibility of every franchise owner to meet customers’ expectations. You might ask: What if I receive complaints? What if customers will feel dissatisfied?

To manage these fear:

6. Fear of taking the risk to invest

To invest in a franchise business comes with a serious decision-making process. It is normal to fear because money is at stake.

To manage these fear:

Overcome Fear and Face Success!

Overcoming fear in buying a franchise can be a struggle and takes so much effort to see its worth. In your first impression, perhaps you see incompatibility in this business type. The truth is you are not alone in feeling doubt about franchising opportunities.

But what made others pursue franchise business? They overcome fear and outweigh the advantages of becoming their own boss. They focus on the better future franchising can do for them.

You can do it too! As you aspire to step up, you should think about the positive outcome it will result in you. As you face your fear, you will no longer chase success. Success itself will come to you. Through franchise opportunities, you can be more.

On the other side, what will happen if you let those fear factors stop you from buying a franchise? First, think about your standpoint now. Does a salary in a corporate job ensure financial security? Will it help you reach your goals in life?

Do not fear to fail, as failure is the stepping stone towards success. If you are willing to take the risk and get out of your comfort zone, you will see how rewarding a franchise business is for you and your family. In short, the best way to start a business is to overcome fear first.

Besides all these, why franchising your key to small business success? One reason is that it will allow you to reduce your risk as a new business owner. So, don’t entertain fear and grab an opportunity in the franchising industry.


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