Attaining Work/Life Balance

Are there habits we can follow that will allow us to devote enough time to our families and work? Time is the most searched time on google. Trying to stay organized and have balance in our lives changes from week to week.

The quest to attain “work/life balance” causes the most stress for professionals in the United States. In our culture, which rewards success, people are finding it more and more difficult to “succeed” at home and at work. Often, employees are unable to balance their careers and their families – they usually are more focused on one than the other. This dilemma has been linked to many problems including divorce, termination at work and health problems.

To live a fulfilling life, people must find a balance between work and life. This appears very hard, but many people have done it. “Balance” varies from person to person. Do you think that you could have more balance in your life? Many people think that this is possible. They firmly believe that you can juggle a demanding career and spend enough quality time with your family.

Nigel Marsh, in a famoust TED Talk, thinks that you can have work life balance. Whether you think you can achieve this balance or not, Marsh argues that with small investments in the right activities, you can transform your relationships and your quality of your life. You can also change our frayed culture because if enough people do the right thing, we can transform the way society defines lifelong success from only money to a more balanced meaning of what a successful life is.

Marsh believes that balance is achieved by not letting others plan our lives and then afterwards make minor adjustments here and there to optimize the time that we have. When we tackle balanced in a balanced manner, we can reimagine our whole lives,

On the other hand, many people believe that “there is no such thing as a balance between work and family.”

Barbara Corcoranis from “Shark Tank” believes that there is nothing better than having the capability to devote enough quality time to your work and family. In an article, Barbara shared that she learned there is no balance and the only way she feels better about each of her responsibilities is to partition her day between family and work with as little overlap as possible.

In the beginning, Corcoran did not feel as if she was good enough for her children or her job, the struggle of attempting to succeed at both was too much. Instead, Barbara Corcoranis partitions her responsibilities with defined lines, lines she tries not to cross. To her as well as to many other Americans, diving your day into apparent portions will lead to happiness as well as balance.

Who is right? Is balance unattainable or can we own our lives and divide our time? After hearing both sides, it depends on what you want balance to be in your life. After you have a good idea of what the perfect balance is, it is up to you to come up with a method that works for you. Balance is such a vague term; you need to discover what works for you.


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