Should I eat McDonald’s or Burger King?

When we talk about the franchise business model, there are a few names that stand out. These include names such as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway and a host of others. All these brands have grown because they have been able to cater to the needs of those who are looking for something fast and tasty. These outlets have changed the world of franchising by changing the way in which fast food is made, delivered and marketed across the world. While there are many food items on these companies’ menus, we will compare just one item- the cheeseburger. There is no denying that the burger still rules the roost and the cheeseburger is a staple diet of millions of Americans, especially those who are fans of fast-food. Though sandwiches are tasty, there is nothing more satisfying than the burger or the beef patty. If it is topped with the best of fixings and cheese, it certainly makes many mouths drip with saliva. Who makes the best cheeseburger? With so many players, choosing the best one is not easy. Hence, we wanted to compare the Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger and The Whopper Junior. Yes, we are talking about McDonald’s and Burger King. How did they fare in our comparisons? Who won this closely contested race as far as cheeseburgers are concerned? Let us try and find out. We will be comparing McDonalds with Burger King. Which is better? To get started it is important to unwrap the burgers. As you open the Whopper Junior, it obviously looks the smallest of the two. Sadly, Burger King’s offering was smashed badly and this is not uncommon. However, what was uncommon was that Burger King’s burger did not recover well.

The inside of the Burger King Whopper Junior
The Whopper comes with a single slice of cheese and it does look quite fresh. It is placed atop a thin patty with a cheese spread. The onion slices look anemic. You also have different pickles to choose from. The lettuce is small and the ketchup and mayonnaise is perhaps much more than generous. Too much sauce makes it difficult to taste the lettuce. The beef is a tad bland, but it does not taste bad. The patty layer could have been thicker, but the good quality of pickles makes up for this. The bun might have tasted better if it was less sweet.

The inside of a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder
Let us look at the famous Quarter Pounder with cheese from McDonald’s. It comes in a little box. Hence, there is no risk of it being smashed in the bag. It does look pretty. It comes with a sesame-seed bun that is plump. It also has a burly bun and burger patty that is covered in tasty, melted American Cheese. Beneath the bun, the simplicity of the burger becomes even more evident. You have mustard, silvered white onions, mustard, cheese and pickles to make it tasty and wonderful. The patty also comes together and it is in the right balance. The beef tastes great. There is “coordination” written all over the burger and the ingredients are in the right quantities, nothing less nothing more. The bun perhaps could have tasted better had it not been as sweet as it is. When we compare the two brands, it is quite obvious that the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is best.


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