3 Aug, 2020 - By Adam Goldman

Ron Luster shares his entrepreneurial journey

Adam: Welcome to the franchise consultant podcast. I'm so excited to have Ron Luster on today. How are you doing today, Ron? Ron: Well, in this day and time, I guess we're doing okay. Adam: Great. Well, I'm so excited to have you on and one of the reasons why I wanted to have you on is you have a really, really interesting story. Would you mind telling our listeners a little bit more about your background? Okay, well Ron: I'm a native Houstonian, which is in these days is a little different. But I was raised in Houston, went to Baylor for college, and then out of college work for a couple of years

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31 Jul, 2020 - By Adam Goldman

Jon Vroman from Front Row Dads on Priorities in Life

Adam: Welcome to another edition of the franchise consultant podcast. I'm so excited to have john Roman here from Front Row Dads Welcome to the show, john. What's up, buddy? Hey. So just wanted to talk to the listeners about what you offer because I think it's unique. And I think it's very relevant to what people are going through right now. Could you talk a little bit about yourself in Front Row Dads? Jon: Yeah, I, created the program that I needed most. So I'll tell you that. Four years ago now, you know, I'm a keynote speaker traveling and very happy with the career that I built. But being honest with mysel

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1 Jul, 2020 - By Adam Goldman

Has COVID Destroyed the Franchise Industry or Strengthened It?

      Since March, every American has changed their habits. People have been isolated from each other. Many employees now work remotely. Some businesses have closed. Every business that has survived has had to change its safety protocols. Everything has changed in the past four months. The unemployment rate has spiked. It is now at 13.1%, the highest rate in 80 years. According to the US Department of Labor, 42 million people have filed for unemployment claims since the middle of March. With the unemployment rate surging, many believe that now is a bad time to start a business. Historically, r

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